It began in New York City..

I was in New York City for a conference. I was pregnant, hungry and grumpy.The hotel was charging $50 for a muffin and coffee so I decided to walk down to the store to pick up a few things for the week. The problem is I picked up a lot of things, far too much to carry. Being from a small midwestern town, I asked myself how do people who live in walking communities manage? How do they carry their stuff? How do they go grocery shopping,to the park, to the mall. How do they go out for the day without carrying baggage?Nobody likes to carry heavy bags…right? 

I realized the society would be a better place if I created a new trolley. A stylish, quality cart people would love to push around. I thought about the environmental impact it would have on the planet by reducing plastic bags. I also thought about the health component by helping people to get their 10,000 steps while running errands. 

I decided the world needs a better trolley, so I created CRUZI: A fun, hip, and stylish way to carry your stuff. Be more efficient. Be more productive. Be more environmental.Be healthier. — Go CRUZI!

I hope CRUZI makes your life healthier, easier, more efficient and environmentally conscious.

Gina Dillon, Founder and CEO of the CRUZI Company