The Imposter

Hey CRUZI fans:

There's this condition known as Imposter Syndrome which is a psychological pattern in where an individual doubts their accomplishments and has a persistent internalized fear of being exposed as a "fraud".

It's a real thing and it has happened to a lot of people who have went on to build or do great things. Oprah has talked about it, doctors experience it, and it can cause movie stars to go into depression for fear of being discovered as just "normal everyday people".

I am a corporate trainer and I teach innovation, influencing, and thinking skills where I discuss imposter syndrome and how to overcome it, yet here I am fumbling through tech terminology while speaking with a freelancer tech consultant who is correcting all my mistakes — and I am feeling like an imposter. I am not being too hard on myself but I understand the complexity of these small puzzle pieces that must be properly organized to not only develop the product but the foundation of the company that will support and propel the product, is tedious and exhausting when you are not an expert in a particular field.

Better I use the word practice instead of mistakes....right? Because right now I am practicing like I have never won.

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