The Bumpy Road of Entrepreneurship

Hey CRUZI Fans:

Many of us have great ideas that have potential to change the world or simply make life better but not everyone follows through with the process. For the average person, taking something from the idea stage to the finished product can be overwhelming, it can be lonely, and it can be costly if things go sideways for whatever reason. And these obstacles are just a few of the things that people face when jumping into an innovative project.

This road hasn't been an easy one. I actually came up with the idea almost 16 years ago, but was it sidelined for multiple reasons. Pregnancy, moves, my Masters program, the 2008 recession, money, and confidence. Not necessarily confidence in the product but doubting my own confidence in actually pulling it off. Can I take a big project like this and make it a big success? Do I have what it takes? In a world so enamored with the next tech unicorn is there any interest in physical products that enhance societies? I am hoping the answer is yes. Wish me luck.

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