Designing the Product


The hardest thing about this process is not coming up with the idea but finding someone who shares your vision to design it for you. There are so many fly by night innovation firms willing to take your money and maybe your concept too. Weeding through the opportunist and finding the designer with the right skills can be a needle in the haystack. And maybe like me, you may after much hard work and research, find a designer but it still isn't a good match and you lose significant time and money in the process. These things can happen and it can be very frustrating. Especially when your friends ask — how's the CRUZI going? It sure is taking a long time! Yep, it can take a long time. Yep, it is an uphill battle. That's why many would've given up. The Chinese tariffs. The hassle of moving the manufacturing to another country. It's all been a part of this very long process. My friend said the other day — I can't believe you haven't given up. Nope, I haven't.

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