Business in the time of Coronavirus


And now it's Coronavirus.

In 2008, when this whole idea germinated, it was the global recession that set me back. It was almost nine years later before I was in a place in my life that I could decide to pick up the idea and move forward.

In 2017, I picked the wrong design team. Not that they were terrible, they just weren't for me. Not to sound all yogi, but our energies weren't connected. We just weren't speaking the same language and therefore could never move forward in unison. We just weren't a good match and like a bad boyfriend, it took me a bit to break up with them. 

In 2019, it was a never ending hunt down a winding rabbit hole of roads searching for a Chinese factory that ultimately led me to the brick wall called Trump's Trade War. Leaving me with another year of research and energy down the drain. 

Here we are, in 2020, and it's the Coronavirus. It's not the end of the world, things are moving forward but the Coronavirus has definitely revealed how reliant we are on Chinese manufacturing. Even though I have decided to move my manufacturing to Vietnam, many of the components are still manufactured in China. I am currently dealing with Chinese factory employees who are quarantined in their apartments far from the factories relying upon weekly couriers who shuttle back and forth through the city as needed. 

Globally, business has slowed, especially in Asia where there are fewer people at work to keep things moving along. Getting CRUZI to market will probably be later than expected but I am certain it will happen.

Everyday, I keep plugging away. 

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